Closing 2024


Yes, we are closing our company, and there are several reasons for that, because one reason alone wouldn't have blown us away!

Yes, it is difficult for us to close after 10 years!

I don't want to go into the reasons in detail, I'll explain the process to you here!

The online shop will remain in existence until December 1st, 2024, after which only our blog can be accessed at the internet address!

The blog will continue to exist and pictures and news will continue to be published!

You can still reach us by email!

Facebook account and Instagram account will be deleted in 2025!


What happens to the orders/assignments after December 1st, 2024?

Every order is placed on the waiting list and, depending on the availability of the components, will be built and delivered as quickly as we can!
We will finish every order in the following year, 2025!


What if my model has problems after December 1st, 2024?
No problem, you can still reach us by email, WhatsApp or via Bine's Laden!

We are still here for you!


What if I want a model after December 1st, 2024?

Unfortunately, this will no longer be so easy!

You can send a request, and if Thomas happens to have the model on the shelf, you can come to an agreement.

If inquiries are still high in 2025, Thomas will decide whether to accept selected orders in the small business!